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Welcome to Lure Woods

Lake Lure, North Carolina

Thirty-five years ago audiences were introduced to the majesty that is Lure Woods, an enchanted forest nestled in the foothills of North Carolina's Blue Ridge.

Considered sacred, since the time of the Cherokee, this magical place is the only spot in North America that connects the states of North Carolina, Virginia and New York.

The heart of the marvelous scenic vacation land

An Invitation:-- Circa 1943
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To our former guests; we invite you to return and we look forward to the pleasure of having you with us again.

To you who do not know if Lake Lure Inn: We invite you to revel in the relaxation and recreation offered by these mountains of unique beauty.

P.S. Lake Lure is particularly enjoyable in the fall months.

...Still perfecting ways of making sealing wax

Lake LureNov 18, 2022

Stamping out the competition. We are pretty excited to test out the Lure Woods stamps. If your invitation does not come with a wax seal, go ahead an RSVP 'No'.

Purple Wax

Lake LureNov 18, 2022

The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack hits different in purple and this record contains more hits than Sadaharu Oh. Don't snooze on this Walmart exclusive vinyl and judge for yourself.

The Dream Team

Screen Actors Guild Nov 11, 2022
Emile Ardolino

Pictured: Emile Ardolino, Linda Gottlieb and Eleanor Bergstein. If the cliffs of Rumbling Bald Mountain were ever to receive the Mount Rushmore treatment, these three folks would be my pick.

Here we have the creative team behind the 1987 blockbuster 'Dirty Dancing.' If you need to move a mountain, these are the folks to do it.

Your constant invitation has arrived

Lake Lure Inn Motel, Oct 30, 2022
Lake Lure Inn Motel

$3 per person (double occupancy)The famous Patrick Swayze suite would set you back $6. The Lincoln 4cent stamp was issued from 1954 to 1961. In today's dollars, the room would fetch a little over $60, which is less than half the current rate.

The postcard reads: Lake Lure, one of the beauty spots of Western North Carolina. Lake Lure is located on US Highway No. 74 near the base of famed Chimney Rock and surrounded by towering forest-clad mountains. The lake is in the shape of a giant star-fish, 1,500 acres in extent and presenting a shore line of 30 miles and is the central feature of a giant highland resort of 8,500 acres. Lake Lure, as its name implies, lures with a charm that is infinite and extends a constant invitation to those seeking beauty and healthy recreation.

Play your cards right

New Merch, Oct 30, 2022
Lake Lure Inn Motel

Game Night Upgrade: If you're going to bet the farm, do so with our latest merch!

Moe Pressman would approve of our made in the USA playing cards, just keep an eye on your wallet.

Table Setting

Our Main Attraction

Lure Wood's cabin views are complimented with smart mid-century design and modern upgrades. Lure Woods is dedicated to the 1963 Camp vibe made famous in 1987

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